Politics in the Time of Corona - EP. 7: San Francisco


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This podcast takes you to several cities/countries affected by Covid-19 to discuss social, economic, and political challenges facing their societies, with emphasis on the most vulnerable groups and on what this pandemic reveals about the human condition (wow, big phrase). Based on personal and incisive conversations with various interlocutors on location, we hope both to learn from others and to provide some solace as we address how we are collectively experiencing and dealing with similar challenges.

We will be speaking with our guests, one or several at a time, via Skype, and will try to have brief, informative, and non-draining calls within 20-30 minutes.

US Statistics - Total confirmed cases in the US: 133,146 (as of 2pm on 3/29) - Total deaths in the US: 2,363 (as of 2pm on 3/29) - Case fatality rate in the US: (#deaths/#confirmed cases): 1.6% (as of 11pm on 3/27) - Total cases per 1 million people in the US: 402(as of 2pm on 3/29) - Total deaths per 1 million people in the US: 7 - First case recorded in the US: January 20 (Snohomish, Washington) - Total number of test kits available: I wish I knew! - Total number of tests performed daily: 65,000 (as of 3/26) - Total number of tests performed: ~685,000 (as of 11pm on 3/27) - Tests per capita in the US as whole: 177 tests per 100k people. - NY has the highest testing rate: 627 tests per 100k people. - Total number of ventilators: ~172,700 (~160,000 available +12,700 in national stockpile) - After Trump enacted the Defense Production Act on 3/27, factories like GM are mandated to begin manufacturing ventilators - as many as 10,000/month. - Total number of ICU beds: ~925,000 - Total number of ICU beds per 1,000 people: 34.7 - Water security in places like Flint, Michigan. Under pressure the state issued a moratorium of water shutoffs. - Nearly 3,000 households are without running water - A number of states/communities are struggling as COVID-19 is spreading in homeless populations and among SRO/housing project residents. - Homeless people are at double the risk of contracting the virus. - Cramming 200-300 people in a single homeless shelter is the norm in many cities, increasing the likelihood of transmission. - 30% of homeless people have chronic lung disease, according to a study published last year. - The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness estimates that there are 567,700 homeless people in the country. - While San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a $5 million emergency fund and public health order to help vulnerable populations, including the homeless, many activists insist that is not enough. - In Boston, 8 homeless people have already tested positive for the virus. E.g. Population density is one of the factors in community spread in NYC - New York City, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, Orange, and Erie county are the hardest hit areas in New York State. They are also all the top 10 most densely populated counties in the state.

Hosted by Noura Erekat and Bassam Haddad Production Set by Khalid Namez Edited by Alicia Rodriguez Directed by Bassam Haddad Research by Naim Mousa

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