Politics in the Time of Conora - EP. 1: Gaza


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This podcast takes you to several cities/countries affected by Covid-19 to discuss social, economic, and political challenges facing their societies, with emphasis on the most vulnerable groups and on what this pandemic reveals about the human condition (wow, big phrase). Based on personal and incisive conversations with various interlocutors on location, we hope both to learn from others and to provide some solace as we address how we are collectively experiencing and dealing with similar challenges.

We will be speaking with our guests, one or several at a time, via Skype, and will try to have brief, informative, and non-draining calls within 20-30 minutes.

Gaza Statistics - Total confirmed cases: 9 - Total deaths: 0 - Total cases per 1 million people: 4 - Total deaths per 1 million people: 0 - First cases recorded on March 21. - As of March 23, only 200 testing kits are available. - Only about 99 people tested so far. - Only 3 ventilators per 100,000 in Gaza. - By contrast, in the US and Israel there are 52 and 40 ventilators per 100,000 people, respectively, which has been deemed vastly insufficient. - Around 30 hospitals and major clinics, providing an average of only 1.3 beds per 1,000 people. - While other countries have emphasized the need to wash hands frequently, Gazans are worried about having enough water to drink. - 90% of the water in Gaza has been deemed unfit for human consumption. - Almost impossible to quarantine people in Gaza due to population density. - 113,990 refugees are living in Jabalia camp which covers an area of only 0.54 square miles, making it impossible for people to maintain physical distance from each other, let alone effectively carry out a quarantine. - In Beach Camp, 85,628 refugees reside in an area of 0.2 square miles. - Beach Camp has only one medical center and one food distribution center servicing the entire population. - Schools have been converted quarantine quarters, with 8 people per classroom and about 200 sharing a bathroom.

Hosted by Noura Erakat and Bassam Haddad Research by Naim Mousa Production Set by Khalid Namez Edited by Alicia Rodriguez

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