EP2: Mike Goss Project MMA


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EP2: Mike Goss Project MMA

Mike Goss, Iraq Vet, Patriot, founder of Project MMA joins me in the SIYL garage Studio and talks about how project mma started , his family, time in Iraq and a battery unit reunion in remembrance of SPC Stuart Moore held every year in Livingston, Tx. Follow Mike Goss and project MMA on social media @ projectMMA. Please support this non-profit organization that promotes good health for veterans through mixed martial arts. It was good to catch up with GOSS and to finally get this video equipment going. Thank you to all our Veterans for their service and thank you to those who continue to protect our freedoms day in and day out! You are not forgotten.

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Recorded 3-25-19

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RIP PFC Stuart Moore



Colonel Medal of honor Lewis Millett


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