EP4: Easters


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This week on the SIYL...It’s my first full week as a 39 year old and just like I expected…it feels like 38. I headed to SA this past weekend for my nephews pre-wedding/engagement party. It really made me reminisce about the times when he was a kid. Actually, as I type this…I remember so much more memories of my first neph! I was just a kid myself. I remember so many things after I record this damn podcast. I will soon learn! I must say it was pretty bad ass entering 1989 as a tio! Lol. Time definitely does fly. I also tell a drunken story that my kids got to witness first hand. Hope you enjoy this episode. It has been a challenge so far to just talk and see where this goes. There is a game plan…and it will come to fruition! Have a great Easters with the fam. Remember the reason for the season. We all need a reminder. Be good, do good, be strong! All love.

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