136 - DEEP DIVE - Paul Coan - Can Financial Advisors Beat the Market?


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Paul Coan is the founder and CEO of Ploutos Weath, a strategy platform for financial advisors, helping them to develop portfolios that perform while allowing them to keep complete control—freeing them up to focus on new and existing clients. He is also the author of Asset Protection & Wealth Preservation: A Guide to Help You Avoid Common & Costly Mistakes and Recession Survival: How to Profit From An Economic Recession. He has been quoted in national publications such as BusinessWeek, Success Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal on investing and wealth management topics. Worth Magazine has named him one of the top 250 wealth advisors in the US.

On this episode of Stay Paid, Paul discusses how financial advisors can free up their time to focus on building relationships with clients and prospects, growing their business in the process.

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