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“Demonstrate the consequences of not adopting the big idea.” - Michael Port

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This week, we answer a listener’s question:

Hi Michael,

Hope you're well. Just been listening to your Steal the Show podcast and really enjoying it. Started from the beginning again for my kids to listen to it too. They do weekly speeches in school - 2 minutes max - but it would be nice if you had any extra pointers so they can Steal the Show at school. They have been taught to start with a hook, then do introduction, main part, and conclusion, but that's all I got out of them.

Look forward to hearing from you.

By the way, I know you like boats - we're lucky enough to live in Sydney, Australia, where I get to catch a ferry on Sydney Harbour to and from work every day.

Cheers, Paul

And, it might surprise you to hear that the lessons given to adults are the same for kids. On today’s episode of Steal the Show, we discuss the Heroic Public Speaking Foundational Five. From articulating the big idea of a speech to illustrating the rewards the audience will get if the promise is realized, this discussion covers the core pillars of a great speech.

Tune in to today’s episode to collect this knowledge, so you can implement it into your next speech.

“Even if the audience wants to adopt your idea—because it may not be easy for them to adopt it, their natural inclination is to find ways to say no.” - Michael Port

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