Blitzing Steelers lack killer instinct: a split personality that spells trouble


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The Steelers defense is suffering from a serious case of split personality. In one respect, they’re on a record pace for pressuring quarterbacks, blitzing relentlessly and playing highly aggressive. The result has been sacks, interceptions and fumbles – all great! But then there’s the other side of this conflicted Steelers defense. This is the permissive personality that is allowing opponents with less-than-impressive quarterbacks to mount long drives and put up big plays. It all makes for some high anxiety in the Steel City, to be sure. But just how worried should Steelers Nation be? And what are the areas of biggest concern for the Steelers, especially on defense? Glad you asked. I’ve got all the best takes on what is ailing these “Sybil Steelers” – Google it guys -- in this edition of the Steelers Update Podcast from PennLive. So listen up, Steelers fans!

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