E23. Insecure About Your Creative Product? Have Imposter Syndrome? Me Too. Here's How I Deal With It


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If you've ever worried whether your creative work is good enough to share, or how you're supposed to get it noticed at all, I have some answers for you. You may have heard that it's perfectionism that holds us back from sharing our creative products with the world, but I think perfectionism is a distraction from our actual problem: we don't know how to judge the value of our own work. For most of us, putting our work out there can feel a lot like dropping it into a hole. It doesn't matter if the work is "perfect" or not - either way, it doesn't get much attention. So what can you do? In this episode, I talk about shifting your perspective from sharing your product to sharing your process. This will help you not only in dealing with insecurities vis-à-vis your work, but also with finding your audience by inviting people into your creative space to engage with you. Plus, it has the added benefit of making the creative process more fun and helping you produce better quality work. Want to know how it works? Give this episode a listen!
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