E35. Oops, I Went and Made a Manifesto: Thoughts On Doing Creative Entrepreneurship My Way


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So this was supposed to be an episode on identifying what motivates us and using that to guide us through periods of doubt, but it turned into a bit of a manifesto on how I want to do business as a creative. Here it is in a nutshell: I want to fit business into a creative model, rather than trying to fit my creativity into a business model. What does that mean? Stick with me as I continue down this long and challenging road of creative entrepreneurship, because I aim to find out!
Also in this episode: How my commitment to myself as a creative and to my creative work helped me through my latest bout of depression flu, what fitting business into a creative model might look like, and my guiding principle going forward.
You can find this episode's accompanying blog post here.
We Should All Be Millionaires
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