E48. Dealing With Creative Rejection as an HSP Part 2


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In part 2 of my miniseries on creative rejection I tell you all about my coping techniques, the ones that worked and didn't work (but were still useful!) during my recent experience with creative rejection, and what I learned from it all. Whether or not you are an HSP, this episode will be useful to you! Here are some of the things I cover:

  • Why it's so important that you actually enjoy your creative practice.
  • How to accept the truth that the creative life will always include rejection no matter how successful you are.
  • The 100% / 0% rule.
  • My favorite of the Four Agreements and how to use it when encountering rejection.

CORRECTION: The live event I'll be doing on neurodiversity with Matthew Bellringer will be on the 16th of November, not the 11th! Sign up for my newsletter (link below) to get the details when I make the official announcement.

Here is the blog post I mention about developing a creative practice without forcing it.
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