The Power of Your Unique Story - Chris Watson, Coach at The Sales Rebellion


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Brief summary of show:

Chris is a master story teller. He doesn't just craft a good story, he's passionate about helping other people discover their own unique story. He's a full time B2B Sales person and he's also a coach with The Sales Rebellion. He's authored a book to help anyone look deeply at their lives and own their own Story. He goes to some deep places on this podcast to help us all unlock our stories we haven't told, use our vulnerability as a super power, and create a space for people to become vulnerable with you.

Key Takeaways by Time!

  • How we reflect on the superpowers inside of us (2:28)
  • What's the story that people will tell about Chris Watson long from now when you're not here? (5:27)
  • Why the word potential is a myth (11:03)
  • How you compare you past, present, and future stories to grow (15:52)
  • How do you penetrate people who have their guards up? (20:00)
  • The Power of community (23:15)


"Culture Code" by Dan Coyle

Earn Your Story - Chris Watson - Amazon

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