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On July 10th, 1986 in Melrose, Massachusetts Jamison R. Kaplan "Story" was born. From the moment of his birth he knew he was blessed and would achieve greatness in whatever he tried to pursue. Growing up Story had alot of dreams from wanting to be a professional basketball player, a hip-hop star, to even becoming an actor. At about the the of 13 Story started messing around with rap making videos of himself and friends freestying for fun. At the age of 17 Story made his first couple of tracks recording on a $10.oo computer microphone. Even though the equipment sucked and the quality wasnt that great he decided to show his friends anyways just expecting laughs out of them nothing serious, but his friends insisted that he should stay with it and that he has a great talent and could possably have something goind for him. Although Story had dreams of becoming a rap star he never thought it would be possable to make it big out of such a small town, but then again his father also taught him never to say can't and to give it all you got, so Story figured what the hell im gonna give this a shot. Story might not have had the roughest childhood and may not have had to grow up in the hardest parts of the world, but one thing was for sure he had his own problems, thoughts, and his own STORY. In fact thats where the name Story came about. He strongly believes that everyone has there own story and we can write our own endings. Whether its Story's own story or someone elses he feels like the stories will never end, I mean how can they when the world will live in has some much history? Story's influences to music arn't so typical to what other artist's might be, actually alot of them have nothing to do with music at all. Story looked up to such icons as Martin Luther King Jr., Micheal Jordan, Rosa Parks, Tupac Shakur and many more. Everyone of them have taught him life lessons, but he knows there is still a million things in life to learn. Currently at the age of 22 Story has released 1 mixtape entitled "Story- My Intro To Me." On Top of his mixtape Story is working on dropping his 1st Album "Story Ch1- It Started Off Small." Story is still unsigned but isn't worried about rushing into the first deal that comes his way. When the time comes along with the right contract offer he will sign that dotted line but for know he sticks to recording, performing, and staying loyal to his fans, knowing that one day the world will know Story, and share there own.

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