Politics by Other Means Pt 2 - China’s June Cyber-Attack on Australia and the Global Implications of this New Style of Conflict


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Part 2 of a two-part discussion:
On June 19th Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia announced that many public services were experiencing a hack from a 'state player' without giving any details as to who it may have been behind the attack. With many commentators speculating that China may be behind the attack and with their history of these tactics of information gathering it is a very real example of the new state of play for international security. Between the anti-Chinese sentiment in the public Australian sphere, and the hesitance for the Australian Government to decouple their dependence from China there is a lot to consider.

Joining the STRATEGIKON team are a few faces the audience will be familiar with in discussing some answers to many questions the public will have for these attacks. One thing is for certain, we need a change of language to discuss these ideas to avoid conflating cyber with kinetic warfare.

This double episode features Pete Warren Editor of Future Intelligence and Chair of the Cyber Security Research Institute; CDRE Patrick J. Tyrrell OBE RN (Ret’d) SIA Senior Non-resident Fellow Global and Maritime Security & Prof. Andrew Jones, Visiting Professor of Cyber Security, University of Suffolk.

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