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Every month, we receive dozens of submissions for our Street Shooters of the Month feature, which appears in each issue of Street Photography Magazine. From those images, Bob makes a careful selection and chooses six special images to be published. It can be tough to choose with so many talented photographers sending us fascinating street shots from every corner of the globe, but choose he must and choose he does.

Once a year, Bob and I sit down to talk about our favorites. With over 70 images to choose from each year, making a final selection can be tough. To aid us in this endeavor, we chose a few specific categories to guide our selection: street portraits, storytelling, timing and minimalist. Check out our selections just below, and if you’d like to hear what we loved about each image, then click on the audio player below to listen in on our conversation.

Also, keep those submissions coming! To submit an image to be considered for the Street Shooters of the Month feature, first register here as a user. After registering, simply click on Submissions > Photo Submission Form from the homepage to submit single images. No need to upload full size images guys, we prefer you keep each image at 1600 pixels wide and 72 dpi.

Congrats to all our favorites this year, and muchas gracias to everyone who submitted their images. It’s a privilege to see work from around the globe and we are so happy we can share it with the SPM community.

Best Street Shooters of the Month 2018

Street Portraits

Ashley’s Favorite

Old Stock by Eoin O’Neill

This photograph was taken in Limerick City in April 2019, it shows an elderly man sitting on steps on the street. He is smoking a tobacco pipe and the lighter that he holds in his hand is broken. his face and his hands are weathered and his gaze is fixed firmly on the street around him.

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Bob’s Favorite

Turban by Yasser Alaa Mobarak

Turban of Sikh Man at Delhi.

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Bob’s and Ashley’s Favorite

Finding Myself by Rajiul Huda Dipto

A barber was there in the side of street in Dhaka and I was in the traffic jam. I saw, he was showing the customer how well he has shaved and then he looked at the mirror. I think, he tried to find himself in that. Probably, he was finding the inner beautify of himself instead.

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Ashley’s Favorite

Triple portrait. Jerusalem. 2019 by Chaim Martello

This picture has been taken at an open market, in the busiest hour of its busiest day. In such situations, strangers precipitate into ephemeral shapes, as if a hidden choreographer is placing them on a stage to create order from chaos, for a fraction of the second, at least.

Bob’s Favorite

Yellow by Francesco Gioia

I took this picture near Bond Street in London. I was walking when I saw these two kids wearing yellow rubber rain boots. At the same time, a man carrying two yellow bags was walking towards me in the opposite direction. As soon as he got closer to me, I pressed the shutter.


Bob’s and Ashley’s Favorite

Museum Visitors by Irina Escoffery

During my visit of Vanderbilt museum I saw couple of guests standing on the balcony and looking around. I loved the way those two individuals look like.

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