063 Coronavirus, Possible Implications, and Related Issues- with Bill Walden


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Pastor Bill Walden is a seasoned pastor ... founding pastor of Cornerstone Ministries of Napa, CA (27 years), former lead singer for Undercover and The Mirrors, former College and Career Pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and current Missions Pastor at Calvary Chapel Napa. He is a major figure for many in Baja, Mexico, and is currently ministering in Bible Colleges and

Bill tells his story and adds his insights in an interview all the way from the Andes Mountains in Peru. The corona virus caused a border shutdown in Peru and Bill has been unable to return to the States.

Join this conversation as the two Bills verbalize some of their thinking on what this current situation might mean for the church and its leaders.

Bill uses the word "recalibrate" to describe what will be needed in the coming days, weeks, months, or even years.

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