354 - Chloe Shares her Stripper Stories and More


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Chloe, host of Stripper Stories podcast, calls in to share her personal stripper stories and a whole lot more. When did she start stripping? Why did she start stripping? What did it lead to and what is she doing now? Tune in to find out plus hear all about what she would and wouldn’t do while working in high class strip clubs, her experience as a "walker" and what she would and wouldn’t do with her sugar daddies, her one sugar daddy relationship that became very close and what exactly went down with him, her web camming experience and what guys get to see if they tune in, how she learned to squirt, her threesomes with both men and women and which she prefers, the sex with her current boyfriend which include anal and fisting, how she started her podcast, who she has on, what it's all about and a whole lot more.

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