#21: Networking onto Tony Robbins’ Island & a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio - James Mel


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“Magical things happen when you surround yourself with the right people” In this interview we chat with James Mel, one of the most prominent names in online entrepreneurship, who also happens to have a massive real estate portfolio. James is a polymath, and we discuss a lot of different subjects: how he has used networking to get onto Tony Robbins’ private island, create his own jobs, and how he has overcome his introversion to build key relationships in business. We talk about real estate, how he’s built his 97 door portfolio, and he gives listeners actionable steps to invest in real estate. We finish the conversation discussing James’ mindset on fulfillment and happiness and how he’s found meaning in his life. If you want to learn more about James, you can find him personally on Facebook at James Mel Fan, Instagram at James_Mel_Official, or his website at jamesmel.com. You can also learn more about Get Ahead Tribe at getaheadtribe.com, or about the Eben Pagan training program at ebenpagantraining.com If you want to listen to more episodes you can click one of the links below… Apple Podcasts: Strive on Apple Podcasts Spotify: Strive On Spotify Strive’s Website: www.striveaccelerator.com/podcast If you enjoy this podcast, would you consider leaving us a short review and a 5-star rating on Apple podcasts? It takes like 20 seconds, and goes a long way to convincing on-the-fence listeners to try us out. Just click the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page: Please Review The Podcast I would love to hear from you if you have comments or suggestions, so don’t hesitate to email me at jared@striveaccelerator.ca Follow Strive: Instagram: instagram.com/striveaccelerator Facebook: facebook.com/striveaccelerator LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/striveaccelerator

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