#32: Founder of One of Canada’s Largest All Digital Media Company's on Following Your Gut


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“People have to stop looking outside for inspiration and create a network for inspiration” Khaled Iwamura is the founder of insauga.com and Quickbite News, a media company comprising insauga.com, inthehammer.com, inbrampton.com and inhalton.com which is now one of the largest digital only media companies in Canada. He is also a TEDx Speaker, Tokyo Tourism Spokesperson, TV host/producer, MC and part-time pro wrestler. Some topics we cover: The house explosion that changed his business (hint: it wasn’t his own house) Why pivoting has been so important to his entrepreneurial journey Why following his gut has been so important in business decisions What role experimentation has played in the success of his business And a whole lot more... You can find every episode of the Strive For More podcast at: www.striveaccelerator.com/podcast If you enjoy this podcast, would you consider leaving us a short review and a 5-star rating on Apple podcasts? It takes like 20 seconds, and goes a long way to convincing on-the-fence listeners to try us out. I would love to hear from you. If you have comments or suggestions, shoot me an email at jared@striveaccelerator.ca Follow Strive on Social Media: Instagram: instagram.com/striveaccelerator Facebook: facebook.com/striveaccelerator LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/striveaccelerator

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