Ep 06 — The Sea: Tales of Poets and Pirates


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The sea is a metaphor for everything that's important to us: for adventure and creativity and love. It's fascinated humans since the beginning of time, inspiring poets, historians, and novelists, as well as adventurers, conquerors, and pirates.

In this episode, we discuss essential words and phrases associated with the sea — including an introduction to the first poet (a lady poet!) — and recomend books that made us feel the ocean breeze and smell the salt in the air.

Then David chats with B.J. Porter, an American father and husband from Ohio, who sailed with his family halfway around the world in their boat the Evenstar.

For more on the books we recommend, plus the other cool stuff we talk about and info about our guest, visit show notes at http://strongsenseofplace.com/podcasts/2020-02-17-the_sea

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