123. Setting Goals for 2021 + Journal Notebooks + Email Funnel Tips


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Nache Snow is ending the year by chatting with Monique Malcolm of Pimp Your Brilliance. We discuss what we thought we were going to accomplish in 2020 and what really happened. We also reflect on what we learned about ourselves during the pandemic and the importance of doing what you want to do and figuring out how you want to show up.

Some of our goals include making and selling our physical and digital planners. We have a robust discussion on what’s being done in that space and what we need to do in 2021, like creating video funnels. Monique provides us with her super-secret funnel framework.

We recommend the following action items to prepare for 2021: create a vision board, set up your Good, Better, Best Goals (GBB), audit your expenses, and make a profit stacking sheet.

Show notes: https://nachesnow.com/123

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