Episode 197 Joe Rogan, MTV's Adam Curry, Bertcast, Taylor Tomlinson, TFATK, Chris Distefano, Tulsi Gabbard, The Tim Tracker


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The Pod-father, MTV VJ Adam Curry, creator of podcasts is on JRE talking to Joe about so many amazing stories of working for MTV, realizing the potential of the "internet" and creating what we call podcasts now. He has his own podcast out of Austin TX called No Agenda. Check it out and show the man some respect. Without him we wouldn't be here folks.

TFATK (the fighter and the kid) with Bryan Callen and Brendan Shaub is great, especially 538 with Chris Distefano. I had no idea this guy was such an interesting, funny guy. I'm going to check out his podcast "History Hyenas" with Chris Pappas.

Tulsi Gabbard is still in the Presidential running. Just because old white rich guys are trying to prey on those who want "free" life doesn't mean the conversation can't include the one candidate who is still an active duty combat medic, 8th year serving congresswoman of Hawaii. Check out episode 3 of Tulsi Gabbard Podcast with Dave Navaro. He interviews her in a meaningful way that you get to hear how she plans of making change out a system that needs not be about party lines, and more about how we can move forward and help those in need the most.

Check out Taylor Tomlinson's Netflix special "Quarter Life Crisis". Bert's special is coming out on Netflix March 17th!! I think I said May on the Podcast... sorry... I'm seeing him in Charlotte NC with Greg and (4 other tickets to be determined if I can fill).

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