S3E4 - Napoleon Dynamite's Stunt Double


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Longer guest episode ft. Downtown Willie Brown. Nut milk and tree milk. Maple. Sean Astin. Stranger Things. Willie sits on the floor and doesn't like it. Napoleon Dynamite. Willie lays down a threat. Pat ruins everything. Previous Instagram polls are discussed. After an official recount, Chris officially ekes by in the previous LOTR Impersonation Contest with two mail-in ballots coming after the deadline. Willie puts his hair in a bun. Willie and Pat continue to trade punches. Willie brings an around the table that is quite literally, a lie. Chris, in a very inhospitable manner, submits his own question. Willie turns the tables. Willie's second ATT attempt inspires Spiderman comparisons. Chris has a delusional teenage-romance-novel fantasy about Emma Watson that is loosely based on a real life spotting of Emma Watson at Heathrow. Johnny's Corner features bedroom humor. Willie invents the "bed-floor." Willie's Pop Takes: Pancakes are a shit breakfast food. And Ryan Reynolds is the only funny person who wouldn't get any funnier if he got fat. To conclude, Willie is tested on his knowledge of the rules of the road - a curious and questionable verdict occurs. Willie would let Pat get run over by train.
Want to hear the original french toast debate? It's way back in S1E4.
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