How To Double Your Lifetime Customer Value & Triple Revenue with George Papazov


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We have a really special episode of the podcast in store for you today. In it, we sit down with a remarkable entrepreneur named George Papazov. Now, you might recognize his name because we actually featured George in a Customer Success Story last year. George is a expert stock trader & teacher, online entrepreneur, and successful MemberMouse customer. He runs a membership site called TRADEPRO Academy and teaches his members everything they need to know to become an effective stock trader. Since the last time we spoke to George, he and his team have doubled the lifetime customer value of their members and tripled their revenue. How did they do this? To make a long story short, they use the power of the MemberMouse Advanced Reporting Suite to get specific metrics and high-leverage business insights. George and his team then strategically use this information to improve their marketing, member engagement, and product offerings. While this might seem simple and straightforward on paper, the reality is a bit more complex. As you'll discover in this episode, it's not quite enough to know your metrics and KPI's... you need to DO something with them to grow. In our conversation, we dive deep into many interesting topics like: -How George strategically designed and developed his membership site -The specific ways he uses metrics to intelligently grow his business -His attitude towards risk, opportunity, and ego -And much more! We're grateful for everything George shared in this episode and can't wait for you to listen to it. We hope you enjoy it and walk away with an insight or two that can help you succeed in life or business.

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