24 Hour TT World Champion Meaghan Hackinen – Successful Athletes Podcast 005


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Meaghan Hackinen discusses how she used TrainerRoad to help her train and prepare to become the 24 Hour Time Trial World Champion, in Episode 005 of The Successful Athletes Podcast. TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE:

  • How Meaghan started cycling and racing ultra-endurance
  • Meaghan’s experience with her first race, The Trans Am Bike Race
  • Meaghan’s tips to pack your bike for ultra-endurance cycling events
  • Meaghan’s motivation to race the 24-Hour TT World Championships
  • Takeaways from Meaghan’s first 24-Hour TT World Championships
  • How Meaghan changed her training and preparation for her second 24-Hour TT World Championships
  • How to setup a support crew for ultra-endurance cycling events
  • How Meaghan paced her 24-Hour Time Trial
  • Meaghan’s top tips for anyone planning a long ride
  • How Meaghan uses TrainerRoad to train for her events

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