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1. INTRO – Robin Schulz
2. Speechless (Quarterhead Remix) – Robin Schulz Feat. Erika Sirola
3. One More Time – Robin Schulz & Felix Jaehn Feat. Alida (TOTW)
4. Float – Robin Schulz
5. Alane (Don Diablo Remix) – Robin Schulz & Wes
6. Rather Be Alone (Redondo Remix) – Robin Schulz & Nick Martin & Sam Martin
7. All This Love (Hook N Sling Remix) – Robin Schulz feat. Harlœ
8. Live and Let Live – Robin Schulz Feat. Sam Martin
9. Make Me Feel the Night – Robin Schulz Feat. Tyler James Bellinger
10. Better with You – Robin Schulz Feat. SVRCINA
11. It’s Only for You – Robin Schulz
12. Kill the Fire – Robin Schulz Feat. The Leonard
13. Feel Something – Robin Schulz Feat. SAYGRACE
14. All We Got (Joel Corry Remix) – Robin Schulz Feat. KIDDO
15. Dream – Robin Schulz Feat. colour your mind
16. In Your Eyes (LUM!X Remix) – Robin Schulz Feat. Alida
17. OUTRO – Robin Schulz
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