394: Aurora acquired Helioscope! Hot take w/ "The Paul's" on what it means for Customers & Industry


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Unless you were under a rock last week, you prob noticed that two Solar industry SAAS titans have joined forces. Aurora Solar, hot off the heels of raising a giant $250M Round of funding, announced their first acquisition from that war chest - none other than Folsom Labs - makers of pioneering commercial solar design tool many of you use: Helioscope!

Listen as Nico chats with our special guests - Paul Gibbs and Paul Grana, the co-founders of Folsom Labs. We get their ‘Hot Take’ on one of the hottest acquisitions in the industry this red-hot year of M&A!

They answer q's like "what does this mean for the product, the brand, the team?", and of course, they dodge things like "what are the terms of the deal?!?" haha Tune in to learn more.

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