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I hope you are killing it at the game of life. Every week I bring on someone that i think can add something to your business and life. Its a strange market out there and the people who are winning are the ones that are adding the most perceived value to the market. Heres a fact---most realtors look and sound the same and because most realtors look and sound the same consumers see them as a commodity. Whats the difference between shell gas and arco gas? Isnt gas just gas? Or is there something special about the Shell gas---oh yeah---its shell with techron. I dont buy arco gas----I pay a little more the the Vpower techron gas. At the end of the day-----maybe gas is just gas---I dont know if Techron is even real but, that hook has hooked me on the Shell brand for years.

Does your business have its own version of Techron?

let me take a step back. Right now----almost every realtor in America is facing the same issues of inventory----which is really astounding that right now the country as a whole has more buyers than sellers. In the past We have experienced the opposite. In the great depression of the 1930s and the great recession of 2008----during those times we had more sellers than buyers. I dont think we have ever seen a time of more buyers than sellers.

And in a time like this we as realtors lose some of our power---some of our glitter. Now all of the sudden the seller doesnt need your fancy marketing---he knows he can price higher than the last house sold-----doesnt need to do any repairs and is likely to ask for a reduced commission. Seriously---why does this seller need you? What do you bring to the table? What value do you add to the process?

This is something I ask everyone that I hire and you might not be shocked to hear that most people really havent thought of it. They never asked themselves what value they add to the deal? I wonder what your answer might be.

What value do you bring? It cant be something generic or some kind of commodity. It needs to be something unique to you. What is your Techron? Thats what we are going to talk about today

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