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Hey everybody--I hope everything is going great for you wherever you are. I get a lot of emails and I read them all------ive gotten a lot of emails asking “what should I do right now?” Theres a lot of fear in the market whether thats due to the pandemic-0--the economic fallout from this pandemic and this massive cultural shift. Theres no wonder theres a lot of fear out there---and fear is infectious--its catchy

Todays guest is a best selling author, coach and national speaker on how to break your old models of thinking and harness your ultimate self. Im always up for learning how get to my ultimate self.

I have a quick ask-----itunes took down our show on accident a few months ago and we lost all our ratings and reviews----if you like the show--could you please subscribe and leave a rating and review--that would really help the show

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OK---lets get to the show

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