How a 26 Year Old Built a 20M Dollar Business - Ben Mizes


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Today's guest is a tech entrepreneur that is trying to grow a discount brokerage marketplace---T---the reason I brought him on and grilled him about what he's doing to grow his brand is that I wanted to show regular agents that don't have a clear methodology about how to grow sales or how to market the stark differences between what they are doing and what someone with a very clear vision is doing.

More importantly than the tactics being deployed is the clear reasoning and thought process that goes into building a company. During this interview, I asked this guest all sorts of questions about all sorts of topics and he always had a clear and concise answer at least to how he attempts to approach a subject--

One thing that became very clear to me during this interview is that one of the reasons his company is succeeding is because most agents are failing. They are failing to market themselves and their unique skills to the market. In reality this is why zillow can charge so much money for the leads they produce-----------its not that zillow leads are even that good; its that agents will opt to pay someone else instead of learning to market their businesses.

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