How to Exert Your Influence and Vision Using Investigative Persuasion Techniques -- Michael Reddington


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Hey everybody--today I bring on Michael Reddington. Michael is the founder of inquisitive and is a forensic interviewer. If you dont know what that is----I didnt either. Michael teaches CEOs how to apply investigative interviewing techniques in their roles as leaders in order to reach their vision and exert influence. Michael says the cognitive processes that drive interrogation suspects to say “I did it”, is the same process that drive customers to say “I’ll buy it” and employees to say “I’ll do it” are all nearly identical.

Ive had the chris voss the head of the fbi hostage negotiation unit on this show covering similar topics. I want to know what strategies or tactics I can use to uncover a prospects hidden needs or desires and I want to know how to get them to say yes. How do you get them to the edge and then over the edge and into yes.

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