The Coach Megaproducers Call - Bob Corcoran


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Hey everybody whats happening-=--I hope you are crushing it as this new year begins.

The last few weeks I brought on some coaches---Im always interested in hearing what different coaches are advocating. The last person in this lineup was Bob Corcoran--If you dont know bob he is the guy behind the guy. At the next conference you go to---- If you see a person on stage getting an award for doing 100M or 200M in production there is a good chance they are either coaching with bob or have been in the past.

I am releasing a conversation I recently had with bob------it was just him and I talking. This is not really an interview its just two guys talking about life and business and because of that we both get personal---I edited out some of them and stopped the recording at other times--heads up you might hear some of the editing.

I hope you can take something away from this.

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