The Avatar Recycle #1 - Misogyny Saves The World (The Boy in the Iceberg)


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An important note: we had recorded this episode in late May, simply because we were very excited to do so, before the death of George Floyd and the start of the nationwide protests. We will be making a full statement in The Avatar Recycle #2, but the most important thing I can ask of you is to get educated, donate (or make use of resources that allow you to generate ad revenue for free), and activate yourself as a resource in any way you can for Black lives and Black safety. Here is just one of many, MANY resources that gathers the many ways you can do so in one place:

In addition, all of our Patreon proceeds for the month of June will be donated to the Community Bail Fund.

Thank you all so much for the ways in which you make us, as creators, proud to have you as a community, and for all the help you've given so far.


You asked for it, you got it: episode one of The Avatar Recycle is live! In this episode, you get a quick history lesson, Homestuck references, jokes about old people, and a glimpse into our personal lives that only makes sense to longtime listeners. Eventually, we do talk about Avatar. Get your Na'vi face paint ready, nerds.


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