TUR #7 - These Trident Blades Aren't Just for Attracting Mates


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This episode was originally posted on November 3rd, 2019.


Conflict abounds on this week's Ultimate Reprise as Molly races against the Crog representative, Toros, whose star-racer's spinning trident blades are definitely not for just attracting mates. Meanwhile, Ben shows his true colors by professing a preference for Molly/Aikka, completely rebuking both Jordan and David.

And all three of your hosts have had heart-racing adventures of their own this week. Mary's moved, Ben got hit by a tornado in Dallas, and David's computer has physically fallen apart. But now we're back, and we need someone, anyone, who can tell us what the hell an eboy is.

Content warning for discussion of swastikas from about 43:00-45:00.


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