#128: Radical Self Love with Author and Activist Sonya Renee Taylor


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Sonya Renee Taylor is an award-winning poet, activist, author, and founder of the digital media and education company, The Body Is Not An Apology. She joins Lisa for a conversation about what radical self-love looks like, and why it can be the path to not only overcoming and rising above our individual shame and self-loathing but also to dismantling entire global systems of injustice. Sonya shares her vision of cultural transformation through body empowerment, and she opens up about how her book The Body Is Not An Apology started from a movement that promotes embracing our most unapologetic and authentic selves in a compassionate yet accountable way.

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“Radical self-love allows me to see and hold with love all of the ways that I am.” - Sonya Renee Taylor

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