Did Batman '89 Rip Off Strange Apparitions?


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For years, writer Steve Englehart has claimed that the 1989 Batman film cribbed from his 1978 run with Marshall Rogers, commonly known as Strange Apparitions and most famously known for The Laughing Fish. In a special Halloween episode, we bring on recurring guest Zack Brown (https://www.instagram.com/zacharyjacksonbrownart/) to analyze the classic comic and answer the question, “Did Batman 1989 Rip off Strange Apparitions?”

Also features the opening Halloween sketch “A Wizard In Need Is A Corpse Indeed” with Andrew as The Indeed Wizard, Ben as the Kevin Conroy Batman, and Zack as both The Cryptkeeper and Vampire Joker! Zack also provided us with this Nicholson vampire Joker as well.

Guest: Zachary Jackson Brown https://www.instagram.com/zacharyjacksonbrownart/ https://www.zacharyjacksonbrownart.com/

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