How To Help Your Team Do More Without Them Burning Out - Natasha Wallace


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Team Burnout Is Real and This Is How You Can Stop It

There has been a 60% increase in mental health issues at work. The unhealthy way in which companies are currently operating is not sustainable. Yet, many of us are beginning to envision a better world of work. We invited Natasha Wallace, the founder of Conscious Works,, for her top tips on building high-performing teams without compromising on wellbeing.

Listen out for:
  • Employee burnout - why does it happen?
  • The environmental factors that are stopping your teams from thriving.
  • How wellbeing and performance are intrinsically linked.
  • 3 keys to foster employee wellbeing.
  • An action you can take today as an employee to achieve high performance without compromising on your welfare.

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