Young, Broke, And Hungry - The Advertising Industry And Its Juniors - Mickey Jones, Copywriter


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Mickey Jones is a graduate from the University of Lincoln. Like many of her peers, she's trying to get into the advertising industry. In England, this can mean trying to get a job in London. But, before you can move to London, you need to be able to afford to visit it and stay in it to meet possible hirers. You also need to get on their radars. London is no mean feat if you didn't go to the right schools or grow up with the right connections.

In this episode, we discuss the challenges facing juniors outside of power. Mickey wrote about this in an article "Young, Broke & Hungry: How Can Advertising Improve the Way It Recruits Juniors after Covid-19?". Listen to our chat then read Mickey's article and share her writing.

P.S. There is some construction noise in the background in parts of this interview.

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