Do you know the Difference Between A Shelf Company & A Shell Company?


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Do you know the Difference Between A Shelf Company & A Shell Company? What are the risks involved? The video explains the difference between a shelf company and a shell company. Some of the classic offshore jurisdictions for shell companies are mentioned. The main purpose of a shell company is to have a bank account. Basically, it’s a special purpose company with the scope to maintain a bank account. In the most classic offshore jurisdictions shell companies are called International Business Companies. The shelf company is an aged company ready to start real and operative business. Swiss banks are reluctant to open bank accounts for shell companies. It will be very difficult to open Swiss bank accounts for shell companies. Switzerland offers the best jurisdiction for shelf companies. Low taxation, confidentiality with bearer shares, educated and multilingual staff are just few of the advantages Switzerland can offer as a business oriented jurisdiction for shelf companies. A shelf company is ready to start the business from day one. No formalities. For international business people who are ready for business the Swiss shelf company is the best battle-proved corporate vehicle money can buy. 30% of all Fortune Global 500 companies have established a business with a Swiss company in Switzerland. The Swiss authorities are very cooperative with international business people. They know exactly the needs and expectations of the international business community. A Swiss shelf company offers a high prestige. It is the passport to be accepted by the international business community. We have ready to start companies on stock. If time is of essence, give me a call +41 44 212 44 04 and we will organise the best company for you to start your business in the most effective business jurisdiction: Switzerland. We will help you to start a banking relationship with a bank covering your needs and expectations. Start your business now. Find out more on or just call us at +41 44 212 4404 - free consultation. Your Swiss Banking Laywers by Caputo & Partners AG, Zurich.

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