13 Questions A Swiss Bank Will Ask You For Swiss Bank Account Opening (2020)


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Statistics prove that Switzerland is the safest financial centre in the world to protect your assets. It remains the first choice for international businesspeople. The Swiss banking industry is highly regulated and supervised. The Swiss government has 2 major goals: 1. protect the reputation of the Swiss banking industry. 2. protect the interests of the banks clients. The high level of regulations can turn Swiss bank account opening into a nightmare. We are here to guide and coach you so that Swiss Bank Account Opening will be very easy with us. Discover the most frequent questions of Swiss Banks. Knowing such questions will make Swiss bank account opening much faster. If you know the questions in advance your account will be operative in no time. Stay tuned. Find out more on https://swiss-banking-lawyers.com or just call us at +41 44 212 4404 - free consultation. Your Swiss Banking Laywers by Caputo & Partners AG, Zurich.

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