How To Avoid A Frozen Bank Account (Interview)


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How to avoid a frozen bank account and how long can a bank account be frozen are very frequent questions posed from all over the world. In this podcast, an interview with Enzo Caputo & Marc Schippke, you will see the reasons for the bank account blocked. I show you the most important situations why do banks freeze accounts. A blocked bank account can destroy your business despite the fact if you are guilty or not guilty. The frozen bank account laws are distributed in many different laws. There are rules to avoid a frozen bank account. The most important rule is to prepare and file the documents on the economic background to the bank before giving the payment instructions. If your bank is not familiar with your business you should always inform the bank on your future bank account movements. For sensitive transactions with international payments, you should cooperate with international banks familiar with the geographical areas you are doing business. If you will see that your bank is not used to your business you should change the bank. Never lie to your bank. Not telling the truth can be very dangerous for your account and your financial future. The truth is that banks are no offering a second chance to fix a mistake. Banks will close the business relationship with you without giving any explanation. ► Learn more on:

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