How To Get Amex Black Card In 1 Week (Centurion Credit Card Guaranteed)


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In this new podcast by Enzo Caputo from Caputo & Partners (Switzerland) discover the Guarantee to get an AMEX Black Card in 1 Week. Get your Centurion Card approved without an invitation from American Express. The Amex Black Card, also known as American Express Centurion Card, is definitely the most exclusive credit card money can buy. In fact, it’s an invitation-only charge card. There are no official requirements published. The criteria are subject to speculation but in reality, there are 4 of them: Ownership of an American Express Platinum Card for at least one year with an impeccable credit history, spend at least 100 to 500’000 USD a year, earn 1 M USD annually and be a high net worth individual. If you meet the 4 criteria, you might receive an invitation from the Amex Black Card. Not with my insider connections. I guarantee direct access to the American Express Black Card in 1 week only, no invitation, no 1-year credit history, no 1-year spending history and no earnings of 1 M per year. Discover how to get the Amex Black Card in 1 week, straightforward and hassle-free. To know more visit

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