Private Banking - Predictions About The Future Of Swiss Banks


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“The decline of the Swiss private bank” was a controversial article published by the Financial Times on December 11, 2017. The Financial Times attacked the Swiss private banking industry based on unilateral arguments. The most promoted argument was the declining number of Swiss private banks. The declining numbers of Swiss banks have nothing to do with the quality of private banking services delivered to international clients. The article caused a storm of negative comments. It is my job to defend the reputation of Switzerland against the shit storm of superficial arguments posted in the comment section of the article in the Financial Times. You will learn the other side of the medal who was not reflected in the article. The video defends based fact and figures the high values the Swiss private banking industry can offer for international and open-minded clients. There is no financial centre offering a very long track-record with professional knowhow in connection with multiple jurisdictions, multiple currencies and multiple languages, except Switzerland. My video shows the resurrection of Swiss banks. Today, Swiss banks have the same amount of Assets under management as before the financial crisis in 2008. The video illustrate where Swiss banks are strong. I show the benefits for HNWI taking advantage of Swiss private banking services. You will see why clients of emerging markets have little affinities with private banking services offered by banks located in UK or in USA. I compare the volume of assets under management of UK compared to Switzerland. I explain the soft factors inducing clients of emerging markets coming to Switzerland. The video gives a short analysis on other financial centres promoted by the competitors of Swiss banks such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, European Union, UK and USA. The Unique Selling Proposition of Swiss banks does not contain the protection for tax dodgers anymore. Switzerland offers the highest level of asset protection of the world. Clients of emerging markets are getting richer and richer. The number of millionaires and billionaire is skyrocketing in the emerging markets areas. Exactly clients domiciled in countries of emerging markets are capable to estimate the high value of Swiss banking in terms of asset protection. They exactly know what turbulences can occur in case of politic and economic instability. The best portfolio performance is useless, if you are not sure that your money is stashed in a safe country. A country who has 700 years of culture of democracy. Switzerland was formed 1291. The selectin of the place where to obtain first class private banking services is a very important decision. Such a decision has a long-term impact. A bank account opened with a Swiss bank is a relationship for life. A survey on the duration of Swiss bank accounts shows that a Swiss bank account relationship has a longer duration than a marriage. Banking with Swiss banks is an important decision for asset protection offering exclusivity and high prestige. If you like the topics explained with my YT-channel, click the subscribe button now and make sure to not miss any future video. The ultimate goal of my videos is explaining Swiss banking issues with simple words. Find out more on or just call us at +41 44 212 4404 - free consultation. Your Swiss Banking Laywers by Caputo & Partners AG, Zurich.

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