EP #77 - Lars Mangelsdorf: Getting Swiss Sales Right


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1:43 - What common mistakes do Swiss companies make in the B2B sales area?

10:14 - How to get the contact details of future customers

18:49 - Is there such a thing as too many follow-ups with clients?

26:21 - Selling something before it even exists

37:06 - The best sales team set-up

The Episode in 60 seconds

The ABC of B2B sales

First Contact

- Consider a mix of standardized outreach via cold emails and personalized strategies via phone or more creative means (ever thought about sending your prospects a shoe?)
- Don’t pitch your product upon first contact. Ask questions about your customer’s pain points and wishes.


- Don’t just demo all your features. Know what will create value for this specific customer.
- If possible, demo on-site to establish a more personal relationship.
- Even if you can’t convince the customer, ask for a referral to someone else in the industry.

Tools to help you close

- Hubspot
- LinkedIn Sales Navigator
- Hunter
- Soap Box
- Outreach

Documents you need

- Data security whitepaper
- 1-pager of your product
- Testimonials of happy customers, if possible

KPIs of your sales team

- Accounts Receivable vs target
- Conversion rates after first meeting. 30% would be desirable
- Diversified leads: ⅓ big accounts, ⅔ small / medium accounts

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