EP #79 - Manuel Hartmann: Q&A On B2B Sales


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2:06 - Why are sales so important?

5:20 - When should you start having your own sales team?

6:25 - What are the different stages of the B2B process?

7:42 - How do you find the right target client?

8:29 - Should you focus on one industry only?

11:52 - How to qualify leads

14:03 - Testing sales channels

18:19 - Speed up the selling process

24:19 - How to keep in touch with customers

27:21 - How to follow up

28:27 - Do awards and news pieces help you close sales?

29:35 - What are the most important KPIs for B2B sales

31:50 - Other tools to use for sales

35:56 - Closing deals remotely

40:41 - How to create value before closing a sale

41:28 - Where I can find good templates?


Manuel Hartmann is the Founder of SalesPlaybook, a Swiss sales accelerator for B2B startups. Before starting the SalesPlaybook, Manuel was part of Onedot, where he increased sales by 260% over 2 years. He holds a Masters of Business Innovation from University of St. Gallen and spent three years as a consultant at Accenture.

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