EP #93 - Renato Stalder: Q&A - Finance in Switzerland 101


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1:48 - What can I do on my own and where do I need professional finance advice?

2:55 - What are the best tools to manage your finances?

5:00 - What's the best business credit card out there?

7:20 - Can I use my Swiss bank account to accept international payments?

8:56 - Managing international payments

10:51 - How does the Swiss tax system work?

17:51 - Is Switzerland really tax heaven?

20:52 - Optimizing tax return

22:22 - Do freelancers pay less taxes?

25:24 - Personal finance advice for entrepreneurs

27:36 - Can I get a mortgage without being a Swiss citizen?


Renato Stalder is the Founder and CEO of Klara Business AG, an accounting and administration software provider for SMEs. Previously, Renato rose through the ranks to become CEO at Soreco, where he served for 12 years. Afterwards, he held the CEO position at Axon Ivy, a digital platform provider which is part of the Axon Group. Renato holds an MBA in International Management from Fachhochschule Nordostschweiz.

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