EP #94 - Peter Käser: Disrupting Swiss E-commerce


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2:57 - Splitting roles between 5 co-founders

10:05 - Testing the market

19:24 - Having net promoter score as your main KPI

25:40 - Disrupting the market and facing opponents

35:31 - Starting to hire people full-time


Peter Käser is the Founder and COO of VIU Ventures AG, a Swiss eyewear brand. He started VIU in 2013, together with his co-founder Kilian Wagner, both of them bespectacled. VIU was originally conceived as an online-only store, integrating the entire eyewear supply chain and therefore offering higher quality at a lower price. But the founders soon realized that their customers like to physically try on their glasses before buying them. Today VIU has over 50 physical stores in 6 countries and several hundred employees. Peter holds a Masters in Banking and Finance from the University of St. Gallen (HSG).

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