Hasty Treat - Temporal Date Objects in JavaScript


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In this Hasty Treat, Scott and Wes talk about Temporal Date Objects in JavaScript — a WICKED AWESOME API for working with times and dates.

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Show Notes

05:11 - Temporal Now

  • You can get now
    • Temporal.now.___

07:58 - Temporal Instants

  • A Temporal.Instant represents a fixed point in time, without regard to calendar or location.
    • Most common way to show it is nanoseconds since unix epoch.
    • Can be formatted a few different ways.

09:59 - Calendar

  • Support for different types of calendars

11:43 - Durations

  • Temporal.Duration
    • There are .from and .add and subtract() methods

12:47 - Other interesting parts

  • Timezones
    • Temporal.ZonedDateTime
  • Temporal.YearMonth - represents a ym = new Temporal.YearMonth(2019, 6) // => 2019-06

14:51 - Polyfill (unstable)

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