Episode 266: Pandemic Playlist


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Episode 266: Pandemic Playlist

This week we compiled lists to entertain you through this 2020 Pandemic. We wanted to bring you episodes that were both entertaining and relevant to our current situation and we’re just gonna get right down to it… here are all of our recommendations!

1995 Film: 12 Monkeys

TOS&TNG: The Naked Time & The Naked Now

TNG Symbiosis

TOS This Side of Paradise

2005 Film: War of the Worlds

2006 Film: Children of Men

1995 Film: Outbreak

2000 Film: Castaway

2011 Episode of Futurama (Season 6 Episode 24): Cold Warriors

2012-2015 Book Series: The Lunar Chronicles

2014 Film (2009 Book Series): The Maze Runner

2016 Film: Passengers

2017 Film(2015 Novel): Everything, Everything

YouTube Channel “GrayStillPlays”: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzEy7pi3B7TIS9cn_sdKK9A

I Built a Category 10 Hurricane out of Commercial Airplanes

Forcing the Population to Evolve via Radioactive Alcohol

Forcing 100 People to Live in Total Isolation

When a Grain of Sand Hits Earth at 100,000,000x Light Speed

I Surrounded Planets with Black Holes and This Happened

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