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Hello Quarantined Boppers & Isolated Goblins, This week you’re all at home digging into those food supplies, so let the TYSO gang bring you light hearted fun and joy with funnyman Joe Lo Truglio.

Rick and Joe met filming "A Futile and Stupid Gesture," a film available on netflix! So add that on your apocalypse watch list :) The former co-stars get straight to the funny stuff and discus joe’s plentiful roles in films like Wet Hot American Summer, Superbad, I Love You, Man, and most notably playing Charles Boyle on the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX).

Also special little animation in the intro was done by a very talented English chap - Tom Bates … and for the record Betty wasn’t upset about Momma Glassman poopin on her rug.

Oh before you start the episode … Rick’s considering doing a quarantine solo episode... So let us know in the comments if you guys would like that and what you'd like him to cover (please email us videos of how you're keeping busy, preparing and potentially be featured on an episode of TYSO:

And finally stay safe, wash your hands, poop in toilets and laugh lots.

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