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Boppers and Goblins,

Our hands are dry, canned food's stacked, and quarantine rules in full effect. Fortunately, Rick had a banked episode before the big lockdown with the charming actor and all-round “hot guy” Robert Buckley. Robert is known for his roles on Lipstick Jungle, One Tree Hill, 666 Park Avenue, and iZombie.

This episode is a little different guys. It’s a lot of deconstructing and analyzing the industry and themselves. The boys discuss insecurities, perception and how to navigate the entertainment industry… and, frankly, it becomes a bit of a Bromance. Of course Rick can’t go an episode without his usual snaps and bits, so you won’t feel deprived of your Glassman go-to’s.

PSA: Stay tuned 'till the very end (or is it the end?!).

Finally, how’s everyone getting on during these strange times? We want to make sure you’re all having as much fun as possible during the pandemic so let us know what you need from TYSO… a solo episode is coming soon so drop into the comments and email any videos, questions, or just let us know what you’re getting up to in quarantine and we may shout you out-- or you may even get #GlassmanBopped!

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